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The Mr Nice Seed Bank is owned by Shantibaba, and incorporates the talents of another equally experienced breeder of exceptionally high quality, and operates with the collaboration of Howard Marks. These three individuals command a huge wealth of experience in producing cannabis strains. They have produced a large amount of the winning strains of cannabis since 1990, including such legendary strains as Northern Lights No. 5, NL5 x Haze, Super Silver Haze, White Widow, White Rhino, and White Shark.

At Essential Seeds Mr Nice is one of our all time favorite Seedbanks, not only because of the second to non genetics that are in their strains but because of the pioneering work they did to make modern cannabis what it is. Two Australians Scott Blakey AKA Shantibaba and Nevil Schoenmakers who was a very close friend of Shantibaba’s made a huge impact on the world and are the godfathers of modern cannabis genetics and who can forget Mr Nice himself Howard Marks.

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